Joan Mallick started her own business as Pumpkin Patch Pottery in Connecticut in 1975 and did weekend craft shows in NY and Connecticut while raising her two daughters. 

Block Island Blue Pottery started when the family bought a Block Island home in 1979.  She became a member of the Block Island Arts & Crafts Guild of Block Island and showed her pottery in the downtown craft shows.  In 1985, Joan rented a room at "The Barn," now called "The Spring House Gallery," and sold her pottery there summers.

In 1985, Arthur Mallick bought the Dodge house, site of Block Island Blue Pottery, for his wife.  The Dodge house was originally built in 1790, when George Washington was President.  The house was only a shell, and after two years of construction with great detail to the building's colonial history as a Salt Block house, Block Island Blue Pottery was opened in 1987.  The Dodge house is worth the visit alone to see the wooden beams, the window panes, and the three-sided chimney centered in the shop.  There have been many repeat customers to the shop over the years and Joan's pottery is even found in homes  internationally.

Block Island Blue Pottery is named after the blue glaze Joan has chemically created and mixed herself.  The blue hues relate to the beauty of the island and the ocean around it.  Her pottery is aesthetic as well as functional for everyday use.  Every piece is hand-made and unique and can not be exactly duplicated.  Each piece is thrown on a pottery's wheel or hand built and fired twice.  The clay is stoneware and every piece is lead free and safe for use with food and liquid.  The pots are also oven, microwave oven, and dishwasher safe.  Every piece is individually signed by the clay artist. 

Block Island Blue Pottery is a family business with Joan's husband at her side.  Dr Arthur Mallick, a retired orthodontist, helps Joan full-time with production and sales.  With his dental background, Arthur is dexterous with his hands and is skilled in detail from years of experience with dental tools.  His financial backing and time as salesperson is invaluable. 
He is also the administrative manager. 
Together, the couple run the shop during the summer seven days a week. 


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